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Sometimes the heaviest things we lift are our feels.

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to train with Austyn for 2 years, and can truly say the experience is amazing. Growing up, a little on the heavier side, I had countless personal trainers helping me with my weight struggle. The issue with today’s fitness instructors is the lack of personalization between each client. The passion and attention to detail Austyn demonstrates allows for very custom workout plan, which has allowed me to achieve the fitness milestones I never thought possible. I have put 150 pounds on my squat, 140 pounds on my deadlift, and 75 pounds on my bench in the 2 short years I’ve trained with him. I am very lucky to be able to call Austyn my coach and now friend for life. 

Justin Fraser

Ottawa, ON

I recently met Coach Austyn Ryan at a powerlifting meet in July 2016. He was very approachable and graciously pointed out areas that I could improve upon. This led to me approaching him for personal coaching. I have been an avid gym goer and purchaser of several years of one-on-one personal training sessions through my local gym. In the 12 weeks that Austyn has been my coach, I have gained more strength, flexibility, knowledge and confidence, than I ever did in 2 + years of personal training. As an on-line coach, he always makes time for my questions, checks in to see how my lifts are going and if I’m prepared for my upcoming workouts. I never would have imagined being able to train with a world-class competitor/coach, but Austyn has made this a possibility. The workouts are specifically tailored to my strengths and areas of opportunity. I have paid for many diet plans, all of which would leave me frustrated and hungry. I would quickly give up and go back to my old eating habits. In my prescribed program, Austyn has fine tuned my specific needs and makes changes as necessary. I am not being copy and pasted into a formatted plan. I am seeing my strength increase and also losing inches. Many of the workouts leave me swearing and on the verge of telling him to find a new client, but I couldn't imagine not having him as a coach. 

Jennifer Elder

Peterborough, ON

When I started with Apex Power & Performance my goal was to get as strong as possible. Within 2 and a half months not only was my goal starting to become a reality but I was able to crush new personal bests in every one of my lifts, from my squat going up 60 lbs to my bench switching from my biggest struggle to my favourite lift. Another big improvement was my technique, with instant responses to my workout, Austyn was able to tweak my faults and fix my training methods. My lifts immediately improved and with that, they became safer. This gave me the opportunity to push myself to my absolute potential while knowing I was being safe. With his expertise, he was able to get rid of hip and elbow pains within days, some of which were bothering me for months. Without him, I would have never found this information so quickly and I could still be fighting these pains today. Austyn has shown me a sport I truly love.

Mathieu Brousseau

Cornwall, ON

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